Sunday, June 5, 2011

Picture of the Week: Grayson's Finest Hour?

Here's a picture of Grayson Hall (Dr. Julia Hoffman) in one of her most celebrated roles, as Judith Fellowes in the 1964 film The Night of the Iguana. The performance netted her both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Co-star Richard Burton apparently told Grayson: "You, love, are unique... When the camera is on you, the rest of us might as well not be there at all." Grayson's life and career is chronicled in R.J. Jamison's biography Grayson Hall: A Hard Act to Follow.

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Travis said...

Grayson did such a great job in this movie! It's a shame she didn't have more top billing movie roles.

me said...

She was marvelous, & seemed to have a ball with the repertory characters she played, such as Magda. Helena Bonham Carter should be a scream following in Hall's campy footsteps

Susan Bartelt said...

I loved Grayson Hall in whatever role she played. She did it all so well.