Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie News Round-Up

As the Dark Shadows feature film gears up to start filming, more news continues to trickle out across the web. The production is now firmly established at Pinewood Studios in England, with set construction underway and pre-production in full swing.

Michael Sheen has confirmed that he is in discussions to join the cast of Dark Shadows, following recent speculation that he was in line for the role of Roger Collins. Speaking on BBC Radio 2's Drivetime show, he told listeners: "I am maybe doing a film with Tim Burton this summer."

Jackie Earle Haley (Willie Loomis) appeared at WonderCon 2011 earlier this month, where he was interviewed by MovieViral podcast, speaking briefly about Dark Shadows: "It's an amazing cast. My character, kinda becomes... I don't even know how to describe it. I've never worked in London before, so I'm really looking forward to that." Asked if the look for Willie had been decided upon, Jackie says: "It's coming together. It's a work in progress." To listen to the full interview, click here.


davehuth said...

I'm VERY excitied about the new movie, and the casting has been incredible! What concerns me though, are the comments regarding how "funny" the script is. Dark Shadows is so many things, but funny is probably the last adjective I'd use to describe it. It was nice to hear Kathryn Leigh Scott remark that she enjoyed the script, and so that gives me hope that the source material will be treated with respect. And Johnny Depp's admiration for the show is another good sign. I'm wondering what everyone else here is thinking?????

Anonymous said...

There have been other people (including me) who have voiced concern about the "funny" comments. It has many of us scratching our heads but I have come to the conclusion that a lot of that is the publicity media machine at work. It is serving the purpose of getting original fans "talking" about the movie.

That being said, I think that Depp has enough respect for the source material to keep this from being an all-out parody or slapstick. There may be moments of dark humor or witty dialogue, and there have been hints about some funny moments dealing with Barnabas trying to adjust to the 1970s. That will be welcome! I mean, it IS rather funny when you think about it. The automobile? Smoking grass? Hippies? The miniskirt? The slang? "Groovy", "Far out, man!"

I think having Kathryn Leigh Scott's and David Selby's seal of approval means a lot. I think we're in good hands.