Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gold Key Story Digest to be Reprinted

Hermes Press have announced that they are to reprint Gold Key's rare 1970 Dark Shadows Story Digest. The illustrated 176-page paperback is due out in August. From the publisher:

"For the first time in over 30 years read the original, first graphic novelization of Dark Shadows: The Original Series. Conceived by Gold Key editor Wallace I. Green as a novel illustrated by Dark Shadows comic book artist Joe Certa, this book presents a complete extended story with accompanying artwork. This intriguing story finds Angelique casting Barnabas back to 17th Century Salem!"

The cover artwork is shown right. To pre-order the book from Amazon, click here. Hermes Press' next Dark Shadows release is the second installment of their hardback comic book reprints. Dark Shadows – The Complete Collection: Volume 2 is out at the end of April. To order it at a discount price, click here.


davehuth said...

So much EXCITING Dark Shadows news these days! And it just seems to be getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

I have one of the originals of this's a pretty cool story with some good illustrations in the same style as the Gold Key comics line. A fitting companion piece! I do notice that the cover is different, and there are now to be 176 pages instead of the original's 144. Maybe there is to be scads of bonus material! Already pre-ordered my copy of the new one, although I just realized that I didn't click through from this blog site to order. Stuart--does it help if I do that? If so, I'll cancel my original order with Amazon straightaway, and then click through this site to re-order! It was, after all, here that I heard about it first. Always want to be of help. ~Tracy

StuartM said...

Hi Tracy, yes, the Amazon links do contribute to the main site by helping towards the ongoing hosting and domain costs. Of course that's optional, though the support is much appreciated when people do use the links.

Anonymous said...

Right, so I couldn't cancel because I had other items in the order that had already begun the shipping process, and I would lose my "free shipping" to just cancel this one item. But, rest assured, any new DS media of any type (or figurines, or whatever) I will order through here going forward. Thanks Stuart--for keeping us so well informed, and all your tireless efforts! I know you have a busy job and a life aside from your labours of love!

Guys--pre-order the story digest! It's way cool.