Friday, April 9, 2010

Dark Shadows Festival Update

The Dark Shadows Festival has updated its official site with membership details for its 2010 convention. The weekend-long celebration takes place on July 16-18 at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel, located in Burbank, California. Newly confirmed guests include Michael Brockman (Unit Manager), Sy Tomashoff (Scenic Designer) and Bob Cobert (Music Composer).

The Festival is also hosting a separate event on Friday July 16, with Jonathan Frid (Barnabas) as guest of honour. The Vista Theater in Hollywood will play host to a special matinee screening of House of Dark Shadows on the big screen, which will be followed by Jonathan putting his handprints in cement. For more information, visit the Festival website.


DS Rubber Bat said...

The bus ride to and from the Vista movie theatre for the HODS movie event will be limited seating and tickets and should be alot of fun since going by car runs into trouble finding available parking by the theatre.
Maybe on the bus we can all sing Marcy Robin's DS fan filksongs like the old early DS gatherings

Also scheduled to appear at the fest are the minor DS actresses Lisa Richards and Kathleen Cody. Ms. Richards whom just recorded a DS audio CD with David Selby. Richards played the quiet pensive character Sabrina Stewart whom was in love with Chris Jennings and had the misfortune of seeing him turn into the Werewolf.
I remember Kathleen Cody was in one or two Disney movies as a teen and an episode of the Partridge Family; very very cute.

ruby red said...

Very "nice" I'm smiling from ear to ear: this is gonna be a really "special" DARK SHADOWS Summer/Fest 2010 for us DS's fans. My Heart is overwhelm great news!!! I lov Don BRISCOE/DARK SHADOWS Chris Jennings (his a fantastic/Handsome person) he played his haunting character(s) to the max: I cried when I found out his past on/may he rest in sweet harmony. Yes, he/Chris did frigthen Ms. Sabrina/Lisa RICHARDS to pieces: unforgettable episode. All of DS's episodes are Classic haunt-chills and the DS's Cast that brought to them to life are well just priceless. Love you DARK SHADOWS legendary CAST & CREW!!!