Monday, March 29, 2010

Comics Collection Delayed

The first reprint edition of Dark Shadows comic books, originally due out this month, has been temporarily delayed. Dark Shadows: The Complete Series Volume 1, collecting the 1960s Gold Key strip stories, will now be released on May 28. To pre-order the book from Amazon at a discount price, click here. Volume 2 is still on track for release in July.


DS Rubber Bat said...

I had always wished that the DS comics had been more recognized or thought of as being unique in having a vampire as the hero. Though he wasnt a super hero he did use his abilities to defend the Collin's family and too defeat the villan/s and monsters ,often with the help of his allies. I was always disapointed that the comic book artist always had Ms. Hall's Julia character looking like an American Indian Man instead of being more attractive.
I liked the DS comic artwork much better from the Sunday newspaper comic strip; that artist made the characters look great though most of the images were taken from DS photographs.
I think that this will be a great collectible again with the unique distinction of having a Vampire hero. It should sell really well to collectors, especially with all the EXTRA things that will be added to it.

ruby red said...

Barnabas greatest "nemesis" Angelique: And for good reason, she turned him into a Vampiere. Pretty cool ink drawing of them gettin' ready to battle..'I'm curiuous in seeing this Classic DARK SHADOWS Comic Collection come out. Can't wait for Vol. I and II both book coverings are treasure keepsakes. Thanks for the update!