Friday, March 12, 2010

Audio Dramas in Studio

The cast of Dark Shadows have been busy in studio, as Big Finish Productions continue recordings for this year's slate of audio dramas. Here are some photos from the recent sessions...

Alec Newman and Lysette Anthony recording guest appearances for Kingdom of the Dead, the new four-part miniseries, available from July. Alec played Barnabas in the WB's 2004 Dark Shadows pilot, while Lysette played Angelique in the 1991 Dark Shadows remake. Both play new characters in the new series. But who is Dr. Rankin, and what is the secret of her patient?

Lisa Richards (Sabrina) recording Blood Dance, a new dramatic reading. The story features Quentin embroiled with a mysterious nightclub in Prohibition-era Chicago and is due out in April.

Andrew Collins and Jerry Lacy (Trask) recording Kingdom of the Dead. To pre-order upcoming titles on CD and download, visit the Big Finish website.


ruby red said...

Oh, my this is gonna be "massive" audio works from a wide range DARK SHADOWS Cast: legends from the Origional/Classic Dark Shadows "noticed" SABRINA to the 1991 Revisted Dark Shadows (which I'd liked "very" much..'and have in my Collection) AND the 2004 WB Dark Shadows which I didn't know very much about. Until about 2yrs ago..'I believe. How so cool that Lysette Anthony/Angelique in the 1991 DARK SHADOWS Revisted is on this audio DS's "Kingdom of the Dead" deluxe Cd set. I thought she did a twisty-clever job in such a magnet chill Role made Classic by the Origional/legend magnet-lady Ms. Lara Parker/ANGELIQUE DS's Classic serie's. Anyway, great to know that it's a rich range of DARK SHADOWS CAST that will be on this "Kingdom of the Dead" CD deluxe set!

ruby red said...

To "add" above to my comment above: it's wonderful that BIG FINISH is putting out this fantastic gathering from the much "beloved" DARK SHADOWS TV Soap from Classic to 2004. Nice hefty Master Acting/Voice'es talents there!!! It was/is certainly "misty-eyes" to see "some of them" (DS's CAST & Crew are massive in number) on this major Audio DARK SHADOWS "Kingdom of the Dead" deluxe audio Cd series. It's gonna be chilly & surely "nice" hearing some of their Voices/I noticed DS's origional Ms. Lisa Richards/SABRINA is present: that's great! DARK SHADOWS have an amazing massive legendary CAST & CREW: Once again, thanks for the info on the new DS's "Kingdom of the Dead" audio/Cd deluxe set...'I look forward for it's release in 2010.