Saturday, December 5, 2009

Second Volume of Gold Key Reprints Announced

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the first volume of 1960s Dark Shadows comic book reprints, Hermes Press has confirmed the release of a second volume, due out in Summer 2010. The publisher plans to issue the entire series in five hardcover books.

Dark Shadows: The Complete Collection Volume 2 is due out on July 29 2010 and includes digitally restored strips, plus bonus content and other features. To pre-order the book at a 30% discount from Amazon, click here. Volume 1 is still due out on March 29 2010 and can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

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Rubyred-Sharon said...

Wow, this is wonderful and wouldn't mind getting my hands on these Classic volumes 1 & 2 of DARK SHADOWS Complete Collections. Amazon has a really good offer-bargain price: and it's great it's available from them 'cause their super fantastic as are Barnes and Noble, too...-I quess I just like walking in the book store to order and if hopefully see it there to purchase, too. So either way of getting some geniune DARK SHADOWS Merchandise treasures...'go for it DS fans Worldwide. It's worth it!!! I "love" Barnabas Collins and Quentin Collins my favorite men of DARK SHADOWS: plus "all" of them are quite "haunting" I love Willie Loomis, Rodger Collins Chris Jennings, Jeb Hawks/Yeager "frightens" me and Rev. Trask/Jerry Lacy (his a trip/I "love" him!) he was sheer "diobalicle" always saying David Collins (his awesome!) was posessed by Satan when "he/Trask" was the true Satan. All the men of DARK SHADOWS are spectacular!!!