Friday, December 11, 2009

Final Judgement Due in January

Big Finish's next Dark Shadows audio drama is out on CD and download in January. Final Judgement is an all-new audio drama starring Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott in an exciting story that sees Angelique and Josette fighting for survival. Here's a teaser synopsis:

"Do you swear to reveal to this jury of your peers, the truths you’ve withheld from your lord and master?"

In the afterlife, Josette has made a pact with the Dark Lord to try Angelique for crimes against true love. But Josette’s time spent as a restless spirit has taken its toll. Is she strong enough to take on her old adversary? If Angelique is convicted, then her soul is forfeit, restoring Josette to life and beauty. If not...

"I received an email from Lara Parker saying that she'd always wanted to do something where she and Kathryn Leigh Scott could really go at it,” reveals author Debbie Smith. "I immediately thought that was a wonderful idea."

Final Judgement is the second release in the new series of Dark Shadows Dramatic Readings, following on from September’s Curse of the Pharaoh. From January-May 2010, there will be five new stories, including scripts by Stephen Mark Rainey and Torchwood novelist James Goss. To order online, click here.


ruby red said...

That's great and I had thought at one point, I've saw the "Big Finish" DARK SHADOWS Audio's on the Barnes and Noble 'site. I think my eyes were playing tricks on me: I would though love to see this newly Dark Shadows Audio storyline merchandise to be available for purchase on the Barnes & Noble 'site, also. I don't see why not 'cause they have all the Classic Dark Shadows DVD's available for purchase there. Anyway, something to thank on...'I so would love to own/purchase some of these DARK SHADOWS Audio's for they certainly hold and continue the Spirit of the legendary DS Cast and the Cover-Photo sleeves are brilliant: like all them and the newest one w/Ms. Lara Parker and Ms. Kathy Leigh Scott is both beautiful & haunting. The women of DARK SHADOWS are & will always be stunning and vivid. Plus, I want to hear Angelic & Josette battle it out. Chilly fun!

StuartM said...

A handful of the Big Finish CDs are available on the Barnes and Noble site, but bizarrely aren't listed under Dark Shadows... you can find them by searching by title:

The Skin Walkers, Clothes of Sand, The Path of Fate, Angelique's Descent, The Wicked and the Dead. You can also get them all by mail order from the Dark Shadows Festival at