Monday, March 30, 2009

A Postcard from the Past

"Dear Julia,

How are you? Weather in 1897 is lovely, and I've bought a nice new furry collar for my cape. Am thinking that I maybe should have paid more attention to Stokes' warnings about dangerously altering established history. Might only be a hiccup, but this week I've managed to dispatch Laura Collins in a ball of flame, and then turned Dirk Wilkins into a vampire, resulting in a rampage across the Collins estate, ending in the murder of Rachel Drummond and Carl's girlfriend Pansy.

Oh yes... Carl. Ended up killing him as well, after he discovered my secret. And might have picked a bit of a fight with Reverend Trask... yes, he's here too. But otherwise, things are going quite well. I think the Collins family are very fortunate to have me here to look after them.

Anyway, must get back to it... hope all's well.



David Alex Nahmod said...

Dear Barnabas:
I support everything you do, you hottie.

Love Always,

Bobbi said...

Hehehe - this made my day!

ACollinsVampire said...

Haha! So Barnabas.

imfunnytoo said...


He's just so calmly destructive, isn't he?

Taeylor said...

HIGHlarious Stuart! Thanks!

rainingwolf said...

Sounds just like him!