Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dark Shadows Movie "Active"

MTV's Movie Blog has posted an update on the proposed Warner Bros Dark Shadows movie, due to begin filming later this year, starring Johnny Depp. Sam Sakar, head of development at Depp's Infinitum-Nihil production company declined to comment on rumours of Tim Burton directing, but confirmed Depp's involvement and said that the project is "very active... The studio will be making some announcements regarding it pretty soon."

Sakar also talks about the pitfalls of adapting the show's mammoth episode count for the big screen, the producers' commitment to preserving the show's unique flavour, and the potential for Dark Shadows to form an ongoing film franchise. To read the complete feature, click here.

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lon1410 said...

I was one of the kids who run home from school to watch Dark Shadows when it first aired. To think another remake is in the works. I am cringing already.
Firstly, I think Jonathan Frid, the late Grayson Hall, Joan Bennett and Louis Edmonds will always be remembered for the roles they created.
When NBC did a remake of Dark Shadows in 1990/1 I cringed. I could hardly sit through it. The casting was awful. Ben Cross was fair.
If a motion picture of Dark Shadows is to be redone please do not rehash the telling of Willie finding the coffin or do a remake of House of Dark Shadows which was ghastly in a bad way.
Johnny Depp is not Barnabas Collins. Why not pick an actor like Russell Crowe as Barnabas, Uma Thurman as Angelique, Marion Cotillard as Josette. I would begin in Martinique where Barnabas and the evil Angelique are having a tryst. Barnabas one day sees Josette and falls in love with her.
The first telling of Dark Shadows should take place in 1795 and continues in America with Josette coming to marry her beloved.
And as we know all hell breaks loose.
The sequel could introduce Barnabas as the long lost cousin from England. The great late Heath Ledger would've been ideal as Willie Loomis.
I can see Judi Dench or Helen Mirren as Naomi. Anthony Hopkins as Joshua.
To be continued.
Would love to hear from the team putting the film together.
The Saga Begins...