Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Audio Dramas for 2009

Big Finish Productions have confirmed a number of new releases in their range of Dark Shadows audio CDs for the coming year. In addition to two more dramatic readings in their current series of two-hander stories, the long-awaited continuation of the full-cast audio drama series is due in the summer.

Speaking on the Big Finish website, the production team comments: "Series two of the full-cast audio dramas is on track for release in August 2009 and will be our most ambitious Dark Shadows project to date. It's a four-part epic, continuing our ongoing stories in grand fashion. We will be recording these new CDs once the last of our current run of dramatic readings are released. The first of the new stories is tentatively called The Banished Creatures and picks up directly from the exciting final scenes of The Rage Beneath."

For more information on the Dark Shadows audio dramas, and to order the existing titles, visit the Big Finish website.

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