Monday, July 7, 2014

Robert Costello: Kathryn Leigh Scott Pays Tribute

Earlier today we reported the death of longtime Dark Shadows producer Robert Costello, who passed away last month, aged 93. Actress Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans) has written in to share her memories of a friend and colleague:
"Memories flood back with the sad news of Bob Costello's passing. He was a delightful, accomplished man, and I was so lucky that he was the first producer I ever worked with. He and Lela Swift, our director, were on hand from the very beginning, actually from my first audition for the role of Maggie Evans. I remember that during my final reading for Dan Curtis, Lela and Bob, Alexandra, Louis and I were all waiting together in the reception room. He knew I'd never been on camera before, that Dark Shadows was my first job.  
"During that first two weeks, when we read and rehearsed several episodes before going on camera, Bob was instrumental in helping me develop my role and getting me to relax. He frequently took me aside to give gentle guidance, particularly correcting my Minnesota pronunciation of, such words as 'milk', 'water' and 'hover'. I insisted Minnesotans had no accent, which really made him laugh!  
"He was in charge throughout our run, first at the studio in the morning, the last to leave after our afternoon rehearsal. I remember him as a solid, beloved presence, fun-loving and a joy to be around. My heart goes out to Sybil, who must miss him terribly. I think I'll have an Irish coffee tonight to toast and celebrate the life of this charming, lovely man!"


Unknown said...

nice tribute. His video interviews are interesting and I was thinking recently that I'd like to hear a more recent one. It's a shame he and Sybil Weinberger didn't come to a DS Festival.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Beautiful homage Tribute from the Heart on DS's Producer Robert Costello: what a chiller scene from DS's. Ms. Leigh-Scott looks terrifying as the tragedy ghost of Josette. Frightening! Great photo.

farmer John said...

I'll have one with you Kathy!!! Great work on the show!!! you and the other gals helped make it what it is today,one of the greatest ever!!! you were lovely and it was and still is a great pleasure to watch !!!