Friday, April 4, 2014

News Digest

  • The departed Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins) has been posthumously nominated for the Cineplex Legends Award, awarded by his native Canada's Walk of Fame Association. Jonathan is one of nine nominees this year, alongside Bonanza's Lorne Greene, who worked with Jonathan at the Toronto Shakespeare Festival in the 1950s. To vote for Jonathan online, click here
  • David Selby (Quentin Collins) and Susan Sullivan (Ghost) are to star on stage in a new production of A Delicate Balance, which runs at Los Angeles' Odyssey Theatre from April 26-June 15. For more information and to book tickets online, click here.
  • Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans) and Lara Parker (Angelique) are to appear at Alabama's Mobicon convention, which takes place in Mobile on May 23-25. To visit the event website, click here.
  • Big Finish Productions have announced several new Dark Shadows audio drama titles. Recent releases include Curtain Call, The Harvest of Souls, The Happier Dead and Carriage of the Damned with The Devil Cat and The Darkest Shadow due out in May and June. To order the stories online, click on the hyperlinked titles.


Unknown said...

I just read the nominating rules for the Cineplex Legends Award. Number 2 states that one must be a Canadian citizen or resident in order to nominate a candidate. This process is tied in with a contest, which is probably the reason. That disqualifies US fans.

Unknown said...

David Selby and Susan Sullivan have another, much stronger connection - Falcon Crest. David Selby played Richard Channing, and Susan Sullivan played Maggie Giobertti. Their characters fell in love and eventually married, only to have Maggie catch her wedding ring in the drain at the bottom of the pool, causing her to drown. This occurred right after their wedding. It's nice to see them doing something together again.

Debjorgo said...

And Susan Sullivan was in Dharma and Greg with Mitch Ryan, the first Burke Devlin on Dark Shadows.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

The Cineplex Vote section for the Legends Award is not taking in my vote: something is wrong. So, here's wishing the very best for our beloved JONATHAN FRID (Rest in Harmony) that he will be Inducted in the Canadian Hall of Fame this year 2014. His an amazing Major talent in Theatre-Stage and of course TV. God Bless.