Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pictures From a Scrapbook

It was with sadness that we recently learned about the death of Dark Shadows audio engineer Frank Bailey. His niece, Mary Spohn contacted us to give us her memories of Frank and his time on the show:

"Frank W. Bailey was my Uncle. I know very little about him but I will tell you what I can. Uncle Frank was born September 10, 1914 in Bradford, Philadelphia. He passed away May 19, 2012 in New York City and laid to rest at a Military Cemetery in Long Island NY. 

Frank Bailey had a younger brother and sister. His brother Lee died about 20 years ago and his sister – my Mom Alice – died 38 years ago. When I was in school I had to run home every afternoon to watch Dark Shadows. I loved watching that show and seeing Uncle Frank’s name under 'Audio'.

I felt I had a famous uncle. Recently I discovered he had a small part in the Ulysses adaptation by James Joyce in 1967. He also did sound for the soap One Life to Live and won an Emmy. He did some work at the Olympics and won an Emmy. He received an award for 25 years service for ABC."

Mary also shares some rare candid Dark Shadows shots from Frank's scrapbooks, taken by fellow audio engineer Henry Plimack in 1970. Shown above is Kate Jackson (Daphne Harridge); Below: Director Henry Kaplan oversees rehearsals on the Eagle bar set; Christopher Pennock (Gabriel Collins) on the drawing room set; Longtime series director and producer Lela Swift; Henry Kaplan conducts the actors with his trademark baton in the rehearsal room. Click on the images for a larger view.


449michael said...

If possible, please extend to Mary my deepest condolences over the passing of her uncle. And yes, she did have a "famous" uncle. She should be proud.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

I could not agree more a very "famous" person indeed Ms. Mary Spohn's Uncle Frank Bailey legendary DS's audio man was/& still is. Much heartfelt condolences to The BAILEY Family. What an incrediable job the Cast and Crew/behind the scenes that made the show chilly to the bone and "each" of them made come to vivid Life (lov the memories photo stetch book). The creepy sounds of DARK SHADOWS still very much gives me goosebumps. Awesome!!

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Great photo of Actress Kate Jackson, DARK SHADOWS Daphne Harridge. She and Gerald/Actor James Storm really frighten me when their ghostly Spirits invaded COLLIN-Wood Mansion Homestead. Although at times it got sorta complex, I really love the Parallel times storyline(s): very chilly and fascinating.