Sunday, October 28, 2012

Picture of the Week: Necking In The Afternoon

This week, it's a 1982 TV Guide advertisement for Dark Shadows, promoting Barnabas' new lease of life in syndication. Throughout the 1980s, distributors Worldvision scored a hit with the show's huge back catalogue and Dark Shadows soon became a fixture on many PBS stations, as The Los Angeles Times reported in 1987:

"'It has really made our late night,'  said Larry White of KFME-TV Channel 13 in Fargo, N.D." Others were in agreement. "'It's our top membership program,' said Neal Hecker of public television station WNYC Channel 31 in New York."

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Ty said...

Fun! I love old ads like this! I think I clipped out all of the ones for the NBC series when it ran and pasted them in a scrapbook. Thanks for sharing this!

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Awesome vintage DS's ad..'so frightening this episode of DARK SHADOWS when Willie played by John KARLEN opens up Barnabas casket played by Jonathin FRID. Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, NBC pulled the series after only a few short months. It aired right after ABC cancelled the series. I was so disappointed.