Monday, September 3, 2012

Picture of the Week: Miss Emmy 1962

After a brief hiatus, Picture of the Week is back with a May 1962 shot of Diana Millay (Laura Collins) posing for Emmy Award publicity with Bob Newhart, in her official capacity as that year's Miss Emmy. 

Chosen to represent the awards on behalf of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Television Academy, Diana was duly dispatched with a photographer to seek out a backstage scoop. "Being a methodical, if not a method actress, Diana researched the Emmy statuette in the process of its manufacture," reported The Miami News, concluding that: "There's no doubt that the creation of the five-pound 'Golden Girl' never had a prettier observer."

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Sharon Lynn H. said...

Beautiful vintage b/w photo on Diana Millay/LARA Collins. Boy, she was wicked-evil (Roger Collins wife & Mother of David Collins) the lady of the flame/the Phoenix. Then she met more then her match...'ANGELIQUE Lara Parker character a wicked-original powerful witch saved the whole COLLINS Family through this storyline. Mighty of fact strangely enough Angelique as evil-wicked as she was saved Barnabas and his family (and granted caused alot of tragedy,too) hind many times. So, Julia & Prof. Stokes and Barnabas saved the Collins Family a million fold over. Great vintage photo of Ms. Millay/LARA!