Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dark Shadows Stars Face Dr. Mabuse

Three classic Dark Shadows actors have been reunited for the forthcoming independent film Dr. Mabuse, based on the classic character made famous in the films of Fritz Lang. Jerry Lacy (Reverend Trask) stars in the title role, with appearances from Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans) and Lara Parker (Angelique).

"I've wanted to make a Dr. Mabuse film since I was 16 years old," says the film's writer and director, Ansel Faraj, who developed the project with the Dark Shadows cast in mind. "The whole time I was writing, I kept thinking 'Wouldn't Jerry Lacy be diabolical as Mabuse?', but I never thought I'd ever get him – it was just a pipe dream. The same thing happened with Madame Carrozza and Madame Von Harbau. As I was writing, I kept imagining Lara and Kathryn in the roles. Imagine my excitement when they all agreed to play these parts." 

Ansel has nothing but praise for his actors. "Jerry is unnerving as Mabuse – the way he uses his voice and his eyes... he's very threatening. Kathryn and Lara's characters are quite complex, but with just a glance or a gesture they convey so much. There's a lot more to them than meets the eye, and they both really nailed that. I think Dark Shadows fans are going to be excited to see Jerry, Kathryn, and Lara on screen together in these roles. It's been a great thrill to work on this movie with this cast."

We are pleased to share some exclusive backstage images of the Dark Shadows actors performing blue screen special effects shots. Shown are Jerry Lacy (Dr. Mabuse) and Lara Parker (Madame Carrozza); Kathryn Leigh Scott (Madame Von Harbau), Lara Parker and Nathan Wilson (Inspector Lohemann); And finally, Derek Mobraaten (Tom Smith) and Jerry Lacy. Click on the images for larger views. For more information about Dr. Mabuse, visit the production's official website

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David Elijah Nahmod said...

Madame Von Harbou was the real life wife of Fritz Lang, director of the original Dr Mabuse.

Richard said...

Joan Bennett worked with Fritz Lang

StuartM said...

She did indeed. In fact Lang actually visited the Dark Shadows studio to see Joan on one occasion.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Look forward to it's release in Summer 2013 DR. MABUSE Starring Jerry Lacy, Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott. Very happy for the Writer/Director Ansel Faraj's dream wish of working with the legendary Classic actors Mr. Jerry Lacy (his eyes are seriously compelling. Intense!!!) and Ms. Parker & Ms. Leigh-Scott. Great pix above: it draws one in, love the Poster image of Jerry Lacy, alot and can't wait to see the Trailer to Dr. Mabuse movie online in October '12. And the movie get a spot on the big screen!! All the best to Cast & Crew. Looks awesome.