Monday, July 2, 2012

Dark Shadows Takings Pass $225 Million

  • Box Office Mojo reports that global takings for the new Dark Shadows movie passed the $225 million mark this weekend after seven weeks of box office rentals. To date, the film has taken $75.8 million in the United States, along with a further $151.6 million overseas. As of July 1, Dark Shadows' worldwide total stands at $227.4 million.
  • The Canberra Times has interviewed Bella Heathcote (Victoria Winters) about filming Dark Shadows' ghostly special effects and her nervous first meeting with Johnny Depp: "He went to shake my hand and realised he was wearing prosthetic fingers, so he held out his elbow instead. It was so endearing and awkward and defused the whole situation."
  • The Dark Shadows visual effects team is interviewed as part of an extensive article on website The Flickering Myth: "We are not a grandstanding effects film," explains supervisor Angus Bickerton. "That's one thing [director] Tim [Burton] tends to shy away from. Tim would rather you not know that there are any visual effects in the film at all... he wants it to feel like a film made in the 1970s. Tim has such a strong clear vision that’s not cluttered with a lot of fancy camerawork – that’s why he has a recognizable style." To read the full piece, click here.
  • Elsewhere, CGSociety chats to Mark Breakspear of effects house Method Studios, who reveals how the town of Collinsport was created for the movie, with before-and-after video comparisons. To view the feature, click here.
  • And finally, artist Alex Tuis has revealed some of his Dark Shadows concept artwork, featuring early make-up designs for the film's supernatural creatures. To view the gallery online, click here.


Sharon Lynn H. said...

A big congrates DARK SHADOWS Cast & Crew for your earnest gross takings of 225 million (and growing) for the new Dark Shadows movie. It's strongly grounded, chilly movie (love the Visual effects & the Cast shined!!) and looking forward to sequel(s): DS-II The West Wing. Smile!

tom in Newburyport MA said...

I wish there would be a second film done that brought Quentin Collins back!! The haunting of Collinwood and going back in time was one of my favorite original series plots!
Also..... I wonder if the recent film is bringing about any thoughts to bring a new DS to television again!! That would be SWEET! The 1990 primetime revival show was done well and too short lived in my opinion. thomas

Agent00Soul said...

Really glad the movie was good/did well!

However I'm surprised that it did so much better business internationally considering the original show wasn't exported much at the time. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that.)