Monday, February 13, 2012

Dark Shadows Greatest Episodes DVDs


MPI Home Video have issued cover artwork and advance information for April's two
Dark Shadows: Greatest Episodes DVDs. Designed as introductory titles for new viewers, each disc features nine classic episodes with specially-shot introductions:

Dark Shadows: The Greatest Episodes Collection – The Best of Barnabas
Featuring nine classic episodes showcasing reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins, with new introductions by Lara Parker (Angelique)
Includes episodes 221: Barnabas meets Maggie at the inn. At her cottage that night, she feels watched; 349: Julia's experiments have aged Barnabas, who cannot bring himself to bite Vicki; 418: In 1795, Barnabas has risen as a vampire. Josette is drawn to him at the mausoleum; 535: Barnabas experiences the frightening Dream Curse and is attacked by a bat; 703: In 1897, Barnabas introduces himself as a lost relative to the Collins family; 718: Barnabas goes to the tower room in 1897 and discovers Angelique did not die; 915: Barnabas reveals to Julia how the Leviathans have taken control of him; 982: Parallel Time: Will captures Barnabas and demands an interview with the vampire; and 1133: In 1840, Angelique the witch causes Barnabas' love Roxanne to suffer.

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Dark Shadows: The Greatest Episodes Collection – Fan Favorites
Featuring nine classic episodes spanning Dark Shadows' five-year run, with new
introductions by Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans)
Includes episodes 212: Barnabas Collins returns to Collinwood after being released from his coffin; 365: A séance is held at Collinwood to reach the mysterious ghost of Sarah Collins; 370: In 1795, Barnabas' fiance Josette arrives. A jealous Angelique puts a spell on Barnabas; 699: Barnabas and Dr. Julia Hoffman uncover the secret of the werewolf; 725: In 1897, Quentin Collins rises as a zombie. Reverend Trask attempts an exorcism; 1024: In Parallel Time, a costume party is held at Collinwood with dramatic results; 1065: In 1995, Barnabas and Julia discover that Quentin and Carolyn have gone insane) 1102: Maggie Evans is the victim of a vampire. Quentin asks Daphne to save the children; and 1115: In 1840, Barnabas attacks Roxanne Drew and places her under his supernatural control.

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