Monday, May 24, 2010

A Noted Quote

Site reader Keith Dunmire emailed in with a great keepsake, a classic Barnabas quote written by Jonathan Frid himself. Says Keith: "There was this special auction where I won Jonathan's notebook for his first Dark Shadows convention in 1984. There were dozens of handwritten notes."  The words themselves come from the pivotal scene where Barnabas disposes of Dr. Woodard: "Loathsome I am and evil. You can mock me for that, but leave my pain alone."


ruby red said...

What a nice souvinoir treasure to have: Jonathan Frid's BARNABAS Notebook. How scary...'Barnabas is deeply haunting and seriously emotional. "Loathsome I am and evil...'then he goes on to say his misery & pain is his own. That's deep: I can see a DARK SHADOWS Dairy/Journal to be put out for merchandise sale to go along with the Classic DS's Collection Dolls.

Chad Moore said...

That's brilliant! What a wonderful keepsake to have.

Matilda Woodhouse said...

Aww Barnabas, you are not loathsome..