Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dark Shadows Festival This Weekend

The Dark Shadows Festival takes place this weekend in Newark, NJ, at the Newark Renaissance Hotel. Guests include Jonathan Frid (Barnabas), Lara Parker (Angelique) and Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie). A full schedule of events for the weekend's activities can be seen here and for more information, visit the Festival's official website.

I'll be there to promote my work on the Big Finish audio dramas CDs, so please stop by our stand and say hello. Also, don't miss the stage panel on the dramas on Sunday afternoon, which will include Jerry Lacy (Reverend Trask) performing a brief sneak preview from the first script of the new full-cast dramas, Kingdom of the Dead. Hope to see you there!


bassrocker said...

Take pictures to share!!! The Lacy reading sounds awesome.

ruby red said...

I've been a fan of DARK SHADOWS since my youth when seeing the famous & much beloved Horror/Sci-Fi Soap when first airing on TV in the mid 60's and have always cherish the whole Cast to Heart. It's wonderful to see that an annual Event takes place for the legendary DARK SHADOWS "Cast & Crew" and that finially the DS fans/both old & new have a chance to meet their idols howbeit most of you are most haunting. Thanks to DS legend Creator Dan Curtis & all the other "fame" writers and the Cast for all their magnificent talents in bringing all those characters to life. Have a great time at this year '09 DS Fest in Newark, NJ & lookin' forward to next year 2010 for it to "haunt & mist" the USA West Coast.-A DS fan, Sharon Lynn/Ruby Red

redelf said...

OOO I wish my mom and I could go!!!

isis_moon said...

I have also been a fan since I was young! I have all the vhs tapes! And as many times as I watch them they work great! NO! I will never sell! I actually got new ones, unopened on Ebay!!!

I was supposed to go to the festival this year in NJ but due to not working I can't afford it
:( I was also going to volunteer but can't afford to stay at the hotel...So anyone that is going PLEASE take a lot of pictures & like bassrocker says: Please share! Hope to go next year!