Friday, July 24, 2009

New DVDs Update

MPI's two new Dark Shadows compilation DVDs are on track for release in August, and here's a sneak look at the full covers, confirming special features for the discs. Both run approximately 210 minutes long and retail at $19.98.

Curse of the Vampire, compiling Barnabas' finest moments has been retitled The Vampire Curse, and features a new interview with Jonathan Frid, a Dark Shadows promo hosted by Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie) and a bonus episode. The Haunting of Collinwood condenses Quentin's possession of David and Amy, with a new David Selby interview and promo spot, plus a bonus episode.

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ruby red said...

You better believe I have these on special orders/paid in full both haunting Classic DARK SHADOWS DVDs: DS-The Haunting of Collinwood and DS-The Curse of the Vampire. I hope to one day buy/own the whole origional DARK SHADOWS treasure TV Soap Classic's that are quite hefty in volume's #'s...'amazing! Beautiful & haunting covers.