Monday, January 12, 2009

News in Brief

  • has recently re-stocked the Majestic Studios Barnabas Collins action figure, a rare piece of merchandise issued in 2006. The deluxe 12-inch articulated figure of Jonathan Frid as the present day Barnabas sold out shortly after its release, and has never been re-issued, as Majestic have since ceased trading. The figure includes a detailed costume, an alternate 'Old Barnabas' head and the character's trademark wolf's head cane, and is available whilst stocks last. To order, click here.
  • The Ford's Theatre has posted a selection of rehearsal photos from their upcoming production The Heavens are Hung in Black, which stars David Selby (Quentin). To view them at the venue's Facebook group, click here.
  • Researcher Darren Gross has launched a Dark Shadows blog of his own, detailing the latest on the ongoing efforts to restore the 1971 movie Night of Dark Shadows. To visit it, click here.
  • And finally, birthday greetings to Mitchell Ryan (Burke Devlin), who turned 80 on January 11.


David Alex Nahmod said...

Thanks so much for posting the action figure info, Stuart.
I've wanted that item for awhile now & I just ordered it.

Keep up the good work!

Bobbi said...

Must have Barnabas doll!

Thanks for the link to the new blog! I'm always looking for new Dark Shadows sites.

Herbie J Pilato ( said...

Just in case anyone is interested, a wrote a "Dark Shadows" tribute a few years ago. And it's now online. See link below.

All the best,

Herbie J Pilato

Marj-Louise Z said...

Wow, I am catching up on this as of March 11th, 2009 and I am surprised to read that Mitch Ryan is still with us! He was terrific as Burke Devlin, always giving the character a complexity of robust humor, sentiment that he'd try to hide while showing a vengeful villain that couldn't quite go for the jugular, and all kinds of passion. I wonder is there anyone "in the know" reading out there who would know where I might send Mitch a fan letter? Hi to all you Shadows-'Til-You-Drop fans out there! We are Forever!!