Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eva Green Promises an Extreme Angelique

Eva Green has been promoting her new film Perfect Sense, in which she stars alongside Ewan McGregor, with many news sources reporting on her role as the witch Angelique in the new Dark Shadows movie.

Speaking to Movieline, Eva describes Angelique as: "An extreme character, completely obsessed with a man [laughs], and will do absolutely anything to get him, to own him. She looks like Barbie, but a bawdy Barbie. She’s a big character and lots of fun to play." She also praises director Tim Burton: "He wanted me to feel as comfortable as possible. It was a real collaboration, which is very rare, and he was very kind... very supportive."

In a chat with Elle Culture, she touches upon the special tone of the film: "It’s very cuckoo and electric and funny. It’s a different style... I’ve never had that kind of opportunity before – to play such an extreme character and to not be afraid of doing too much. It’s kind of close to... German experimental film, in the 1920s."


Gabriel Severo said...

and what about the movie trailer?

the film's gonna be released May 11th, and we still have no trailer.

David said...

I KNOW! I am dying to see the trailer too. Where is it???? I Love the close up of Eva as Angelique. She is going to rip it up! CAN'T WAIT.

Parabolic Muse said...

I don't know if I love that she calls it cuckoo, and she says nothing about knowing the original series, but I am hoping she does a good job here, which seems a good roll for her. She's a bit... cool.