Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Counterfeit Dark Shadows DVD Warning Issued

MPI Home Video, the official distributor of Dark Shadows on DVD, have responded to reports that inferior illegal copies of their Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series DVD box set are being sold. The official sets are available from Amazon at this link. MPI's statement is as follows:
Dear Customer 
It has come to our attention that there are counterfeit sets being sold and distributed for Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series Deluxe Edition (MPI item # DVD7991). These counterfeit sets appear nearly identical to the authentic sets. If you are experiencing playback issues with your discs, it is possible that you have purchased a counterfeit set. If so, please alert us as to where you purchased the set. The more detail you can provide us (seller, links, pictures, etc.), the more it will help us put a stop to this illegal distribution. Below is a list of ways you can tell you have purchased a counterfeit set:
  • The authentic set is wrapped in a plastic polybag whereas the counterfeit set is shrink wrapped.
  • The authentic set has a thread that prevents the coffin lid from opening too far. The counterfeit set will open all the way (i.e. no thread).
  • The colours are much purer on the authentic set (stronger reds and blacks).
  • The pages in the booklet are a thinner/poor quality whereas the authentic set is a thicker glossier stock.
  • The corners of the set might be banged up on the counterfeit set.
  • MPI used eco-friendly trays in the amaray cases which have holes in them to save on plastic where the counterfeit sets have solid black plastic backing behind each disc.
  • The picture quality of the actual program will be poorer. The counterfeit sets use a single-layer disc, compressing the quality onto one disc, whereas the authentic version contains dual-layered discs.
  • The counterfeit set will have defective discs whereas the authentic set should not.
MPI is not responsible for the purchase or quality of counterfeit sets. If you have purchased an illegal set, we recommend contacting eBay and putting a claim against the seller of the counterfeit set. We also encourage you to make your purchases through established retailers such as Amazon.com. eBay is not a recommended outlet for this item, and MPI does not sell this item via eBay. 
MPI Home Video

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Sharon Lynn H. said...

That's awful and so "sorry" to hear that such Counterfeit feud is about with this treasure DVD Deluxe-Set on DARK SHADOWS. For sure a definate hopeful wish to those that don't have this extraodinary Master DVD Set (Wow, it's huge) be aware/careful when purchasing. MPI, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are Established/Safety Companies and well grounded. I like Barnes & Noble alot and bought (well, it was a Christmas-Gift/My Sister bought for me. Big smile!!) my treasure Classic Deluxe DARK SHADOWS Set through them: and it's a beauty (I have the Limited Edition), w/pretty black-thread ribbon that holds Barnabas casket open and it has a Signature-Signed Photo of Jonathin Frid in it. Very, beautiful in haunting Black-Red Deluxe DVD Set/Casket Case I treasure to Heart. Love watching it over and over, again.