Monday, April 5, 2010

News in Brief

  • The Dark Shadows studio, located on West 53rd Street, New York City, has a new tenant. For several years, the facility housed The Montel Williams Show, and is the home of The Wendy Williams Show. Tickets for upcoming tapings can be obtained here.
  • Barbara Woronko Anzalone, who guested as Nurse Pritchett on Dark Shadows as Bobbi Ann Woronko, has written her autobiography, The Girl Next Door. The book includes reminiscences of Dark Shadows and can be ordered online by clicking here.
  • And finally, birthday wishes to Humbert Allen Astredo (Nicholas Blair), who celebrated his 81st birthday this weekend. This particular legion of the damned salutes you.


Rubyred-Sharon said...

To Actor Humbert Allen ASTREDO legendary DARK SHADOWS "Nicholas Blair" - wishing, hoping that your Birthday was as "special & haunting" mysterios as you brought to us all those yrs bringing such a powerful Warlock/Nicholas Blair to life on the TV screen. Thank you and the whole legendary DS's Cast for bringing such incrediable characters to life with "all" your individual talents. Godbless!

Unknown said...

Loved working with the Dark Shadows original cast. It was memorable and indeed motivational. Can't wait for the new movie.

Bobbi Woronko Anzalone