Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Imax Treatment for Dark Shadows Movie

As pre-production on the Dark Shadows feature film continues, Warner Bros have announced that the film will be released in conjunction with Imax. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Imax will showcase up to 20 Warner movies in the next three years, including Dark Shadows.

Imax is a high definition format, projected on much larger screens than conventional cinema, and can accommodate 3D movies. In recent years, Warners have released 10 3D titles, though it's unconfirmed that Dark Shadows will be a candidate for 3D treatment.

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Rubyred-Sharon said...

IMAX really engolfs you in: my Family & I saw "Beauty & the Beast" and "The Transformers" (in regular format 2D...'it was amazing!!!) on these mega h-u-g-e Movie Screen and it's a unforgettable experience. Loved it and would lov to see "many" of the WARNER BROTHER's 20 feature films coming out in the next 3 yrs: like DARK SHADOWS and The HOBBIT, etc.,. on the gigantic IMAX Movie Screens rather it be 2D or 3D is gonna be fantastic & spellbinding!!! Can't wait.