Friday, April 23, 2010

New Action Figures

Spectre Toys have announced that they are to produce a new range of limited edition Dark Shadows action figures. Each 8-inch scale figure will feature a detailed likeness, with authentic clothing, styled like the famed Mego action figures of the 1970s.

July sees the release of Barnabas Collins, in present day clothing with walking cane, and a 1795 Angelique figure, each limited to 3,000 pieces, available from July. There will also be a Werewolf Chris Jennings figure issued as an exclusive for July's San Diego Comic Con, which is limited to just 500.

The Barnabas and Angelique figures are available to pre-order now from Spectre's website. The company is also running a poll asking which Dark Shadows characters fans would like to be produced as figures in the future.

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Rubyred-Sharon said...

SPECTRE's Toys newly action figures on the Iconic DARK SHADOWS are just beautiful: Barnabas Collins/FRID & Angelique Bouchard/PARKER look fantastic! If possible "please" do the whole Classic Cast of DARK SHADOWS especially Dr. Julia Hoffman/Grayson HALL (what a beautiful lady-may she rest in peace), Quentin Collins/SELBY (I voted for, I lov Quentin!), David Collins, Willie Loomis, Rev. Trask, Carolyn Stoddard, Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard, Rodger Collins, Victoria Winters, Maggie Evans/Josette, Jeb Hawks/Yeager, Chris Jennings, Amy Jennings, Eve, Gerald Stiles, Nicholas Blair, Beth Chavez, Sarah Collins, Prof. Stokes, etc.,. such an amazing Classic Cast list of DARK SHADOWS legends! Try to make them all if possible.