Friday, April 9, 2010

Own a Bobblehead!

Amazon have recently begun offering MPI's series of officially-licensed Dark Shadows bobbleheads, caricatured sculptures of classic characters from the show. Each one is fully-painted and cast in resin. The set of five is made up of Barnabas, Angelique, Quentin, Josette and the Werewolf. To order, click on the hyperlinks.

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Rubyred-Sharon said...

A treasure keepsake for "all" DARK SHADOWS Fans: a DS's CAST "Bobbelheads" Collection. Cool nostalgia vintage Collection series there of our much beloved DARK SHADOWS Cast members: Angelique (The Witch), Barnabas (The Vampiere), Josette (Barnabas only true love..'the bobblehead looks like Maggie, too!), Quentin (The Ghost, Zombie & The Werewolf)...'DARK SHADOWS has two famous Werewolves: the first Werewolf was played by Chris Jennings (BRISCOE) and the 2nd one by beautiful Ghost-eyes Quentin Collins (SELBY). I lov them both! As I do "all" the legendary CAST Members of DARK SHADOWS. Awesome DS's Bobbleheads: a keepsake treasure for all time! Thanks.